We have a simple mission - we’re here to help you find the perfect bedding for a great night’s sleep.


Our story is rooted in the slow, idyllic lifestyle of the Lithuanian countryside.

Spanning at least three generations, our inspiration is drawn from our grandparents who handcrafted linen fabrics to use in their homes. Flax harvested from their earth was processed into linen fabric and devotedly sewed by hand into home goods to stand the test of time. We work to keep their time-honored tradition alive today. Based in Lithuania, Linen Aura is a bespoke linen atelier producing linen home goods for the eco-conscious soul.

Where your ethics meet your aesthetics.

Blending the essence of nature with sophistication, our pieces are all small-batch designed and assembled in-house by our family-owned and operated team for one-of-a-kind elements for your home.

We emphasize slow, simplistic living in the form of comfort and relaxation. A large part of our philosophy involves presenting a fully sustainable brand.

We operate with special attention to ordering in small batches, using fully recyclable packaging, saying “no” to plastic, and employing as much human touch as possible in the making process.

You can feel good about our handcrafted home goods with high quality and low environmental impact. Full transparency is a vital consideration here at Linen Aura.

We pride ourselves on weaving our values into our service to you. You will always receive an individually customised experience with a focus on seamless sustainability and functionality - guaranteed.


Return to the less-is-more style of the past while taking a step forward into a greener future. Shop Linen Aura Home Goods today.

Why Linen?

There’s a lot to love about this luxurious, all-in-one textile.

Dating as far back as 34,000 BC, linen fabric is nothing new, and it boasts a multitude of benefits:

● Durability:

Linen is known to be the toughest fiber found in nature. Its reliable, timeless strength earns it a high reputation for versatility and everyday usage. Beyond this, linen demonstrates excellent absorbency, stain resistance, and even acts as an insect repellant.

● Comfort:

Between its breathability and thermoregulation, linen fabric is one of the most comfortable fabrics you’ll ever use. Perfect for all seasons, linen is naturally wicking and provides airflow in the heat while retaining warmth in cold weather. It also becomes softer with each laundering—how cosy is that?

● Eco-Friendly:

Linen is homespun from the resilient stalk fibers of the flax plant. Because flax grows easily in low-nutrient soil and requires less watering, linen has a lower environmental impact than other popular fabrics such as cotton. Each part of the flax plant can be used in some way, but what’s better: linen is biodegradable, making it one of the greenest options on the planet.

Our Process

Rest assured that your order is handcrafted with excellence.

Our linen is stonewashed to render a high grade, pre-softened fabric. This technique uses stones to help roughen the initial stiff texture of linen to give your piece that luxurious, “already worn-in” feel—even on your first use. As an OEKO-TEX® certified producer, we only offer you 100% organic linen.

This also means that each of our linen home goods are free of harmful chemicals, from our dyeing method to our ethical manufacturing process.

Your home goods are always supplied and handcrafted locally. We do not import our linen, which ensures we maintain the personal supervision to deliver you a superior product every time.

Shipping & Policies

Shipping worldwide, delivered directly from our studio to your front door. You can expect approximately 3 - 5 business days to fully prepare your order and live updates on your account to monitor progress.

Enjoy free express shipping in as fast as 7 days. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Lift your spirit with sustainable, custom linen home goods. Shop Linen Aura for your home today.