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Linen Pillowcases in Cinnamon

Indulge in ethical luxury with our mid-weight linen pillowcases, handcrafted from the finest European flax. It offers year-round comfort and a lived-in look. Stonewashed for superior softness, the linen only improves with each wash, making it the ultimate bedding choice.
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2 x pillowcases
1 x reusable linen bag

We are open to personalized orders. Please use the form on our website to send us a message.

Shipping and returns

After the production period, your bedding is shipped using express courier service and usually takes beteen 3 to 5 business days to arrive. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to return it and request a return / exchange.


Wash in lukewarm water (less than 40°C or 104°F). Use the gentle machine cycle and don’t overload your washing machine. Use mild detergent formulated for delicate fabrics. Don't bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

We highly recommend reading our full linen care guide.

We have a simple mission - we’re here to help you find the perfect bedding for a great night’s sleep

Perfect Balance of Softness and Durability

Experience ultimate comfort in any weather with our buttery soft 100% European linen bedding. Naturally temperature-regulating, linen ensures you'll never wake up too hot or too cold. And the best part? It only gets better with time, growing softer and more comfortable with each wash and use. To ensure the perfect balance of softness and durability, look for the GSM count, or grams per square meter. Our bedding has a breathable 170 GSM, providing the ideal level of cosiness.

Handcrafted with excellence

Our linen is stonewashed to render a high grade, pre-softened fabric. This technique uses stones to help roughen the initial stiff texture of linen to give your piece that luxurious, “already worn-in” feel—even on your first use. As an OEKO-TEX® certified producer, we only offer you 100% organic linen.

This also means that each of our linen home goods are free of harmful chemicals, from our dyeing method to our ethical manufacturing process.

Your home goods are always supplied and handcrafted locally. We do not import our linen, which ensures we maintain the personal supervision to deliver you a superior product every time.